Virtual Reality Experiences

Reach For A Dream believes in the power of making dreams come true and has worked to fulfil the dreams of children fighting life-threatening illnesses in South Africa for 33 years. However, the global pandemic had left many dreamers desperately waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled and many of them unable to experience their ultimate dream due to their prognosis or condition.

The unprecedented time forced the Foundation to adapt to a ‘new normal’ therefore Reach For A Dream is thrilled to introduce Virtual Reality Experiences.

What Is Inside a VR Kit?

The Reach For A Dream VR kit boasts a state of the art world-class virtual reality headset, branding and placement case, VR Cover facial interface and foam replacement, Hyperkin Universal VR Masks, as well as skin friendly HMD cleaning wipes – which is neatly packed in a hard travel case with foam.


“Through virtual reality the boundaries are bridged and children in isolation will be able to immerse themselves in a world that allows for escapism, creativity and freedom. The idea is not to replace the actual dream, but to make otherwise impossible dream experiences come true with the power of VR and at the same time ensuring the safety of our dreamers, and ultimately enabling our dream children to dream.”

Natalie Lazaris, Reach For A Dream’s Business Head

How Can I Get Involved?

With the help and support of Eden, content providers and sponsors, the Foundation is looking to make more VR kits accessible and available to many more dream children across South Africa. The Foundation is therefore inviting content providers and sponsors who are willing to invest in this project, to get in touch. Become a Virtual Reality Experiences Sponsor today by making a donation here

Become a Virtual Reality Experiences Sponsor today by making a donation here