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Dream: To be a pilot

Megan is a confident & beautiful young lady who dreams of being a Pilot. Megan has been diagnosed with an extremely rare illness called Job Syndrome. In fact she is the only person who has been diagnosed in South Africa with this rare illness. When you meet Megan you are immediately impressed by her self-confidence and friendliness. Hugs were given out to everybody before she even realised what we had planned for her.

Megan began to tell us why she dreams of being a pilot. The exhilarating sense of freedom and happiness she experiences when flying is so life changing for her that all she wants to do is be a pilot. This is her dream and nothing and nobody can change that!

Once she realised that we were giving her a pilot experience she was speechless. Steve, her instructor, began by showing her around the hangar and then demonstrating all the safety checks that need to be completed before taking off. Megan was hands on and asked a lot of questions. After the safety inspection, Megan and Steve were ready to take off. Megan was so excited and still could not believe that her dream was coming true.

Steve took Megan on a 40 minute flight over Cato Ridge & Pietermaritzburg. Megan got the opportunity to steer the aircraft as well. Steve also did a few dips and flips to give Megan an authentic flight experience.

They landed spectacularly with Megan eagerly leaping out of the aircraft to tell us all about it.
Steve had another surprise for Megan. He presented her with her very own set of pilot wings which she was ecstatic about. She said that she couldn’t wait to show it off to her siblings and friends.

Megan had a magnificent experience which reinforced her passion to become a pilot. She thanked us for making her dream come true and also for everything that we do for other children. Her gratitude was truly inspiring.

A note from Megan:
“Hello, my name is Megan. I’m a 16 year old girl living with a condition called jobs syndrome.
It’s a condition that affects several body systems including your immune system, so my immune system is extremely sensitive to invading microbes. We discovered it in shock a little more than 2 years ago when I was going for my full body medic.
My biggest dream since the age of 10 years old has been to one day be a successful female pilot flying around the world. I can’t study for a pilot’s license yet and it’s heartbreaking as it’s my dream and I still work every day towards making that dream a reality.
Just when I thought that dream would forever stay a dream, something truly amazing happened. An awesome and inspiring foundation called “Reach For A Dream” gave me hope again that one day I will make that dream come true because for one day I was a pilot and it was amazing.
Something that many people do not realize is that you should never give up on your dream, no matter how hard it gets and that’s because of Reach For A Dream.
My dream is now a plan because whenever that plane takes off it feels like all my problems, all my stress and all the negativity just gets left behind me as I take off into our beautiful blue skies.
It was such an amazing day and I would like to thank Reach For A Dream for making my dream come true and for helping me to realize, once again, why I’m working so hard for what was once a dream and is now a plan.
Thank you to everyone that was a part of it for making my day so special. It will forever be one of the best memories I have.”

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Date : 28 Feb 2018

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