Ways 2 Give

Ways 2 Give

Donate your Voyager miles

Many of our dreamers want to fly, see the sea or even go to Disney World. We use the donated Voyager miles to book flights for our children and their accompanying family members, giving them joy, hope and cherished memories.
How to donate your Voyager miles:
  1. Log onto the SAA Voyager website: https://www.flysaa.com/za/en/voyagerLogin.secured
  2. Follow this link on the website once you log in: https://www.flysaa.com/za/en/transferMiles.action
  3. ‘Donate Miles’ will appear on your screen and you will see a block on the right side of the screen which says “Donate Miles to recipient”
  4. Select us as your organisation of choice  (Reach For A Dream) and make your donation
  5. We will get a notification of your donation


My School My Village My Planet

Help raise funds for Reach For A Dream with a My School – My Village – My Planet card. Get your free My School – My Village – My Planet card today and swipe it to assist Reach For A Dream.
My School – My Village – My Planet is South Africa’s biggest community based fundraising program and you can help Reach For A Dream just by becoming a supporter. The My School program raises over R6 million every month for over 9000 schools, charity and animal welfare or environmental organizations. Every time you swipe your card at a partner store they will donate a percentage of the value of your purchase to aid the valuable work that we do. Every swipe counts and it does not cost you a cent.

Reach For A Dream Bequests

You can include Reach For A Dream in your Will by making a bequest to the Foundation.
Your bequests will be used to help children fighting life-threatening illnesses realize their dreams. You can use any of these examples in your Will to help the Foundation help a child in need:

  1. “I hereby bequest an amount of X to the Reach for a Dream Foundation”
  2. “I hereby bequest the following movable property to the Reach for a Dream Foundation”
  3. “I hereby bequest the residue of my estate and its effects to the Reach for a Dream Foundation.”

Remember, it is vitally important that your Will is validly drafted and Reach For A Dream suggests that you seek professional assistance when drafting your Will and including any bequests to the Foundation.