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Vatsha Ayabonga (8)

Dream: Fly in a plane

Ayabonga’s dream was to fly in a plane. Unfortunately, due to his treatment for Leukaemia, his dream day was delayed by more than four months. When the day finally arrived, Ayabonga couldn’t contain his happiness and excitement as he made his way to the airport. Ayabonga was on the edge of his seat.
Ayabonga and the pilot bonded immediately. The pilot and a smiling Ayabonga completed the flight check of the propeller, the fuel and the wings before boarding. Ayabonga was given his headphones and once everyone was strapped in they took to the sky.
“Ayabonga was so happy! He told the pilot that his dream was to be like him one day. He was in his element! My little boy can fly…”

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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