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Smart cars for our smart dreamer

Our dreamer was so excited for his dream day that he had dressed in his finest clothes to mark the occasion.

As part of his dream, Phemelo went to Zwartkops Raceway with Mercedes Benz. Phemelo, who is 8 years old and is suffering with Kaposi Sarcoma, received a very warm welcome by the staff at Mercedes. After a delicious lunch had been served, the fun started. Phemelo could choose which car he wanted to go for a test drive in. As Phemelo is a Mercedes Benz admirer, he was in his element.

The Mercedes driver took our dreamer for a test drive around the track which included drifting. Phemelo loved every minute of the experience. After all the excitement, there was more to come – Phemelo’s dream hand over.

The team at Mercedes handed over the Playstation and games to Phemelo, who could not believe his eyes. He had tears of joy running down his face, along with the biggest smile you have ever seen.

Phemelo had a wonderful day. One he is sure to never forget!

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Date : 14 Aug 2017

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