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Dancing With The Stars


Nemesia, is a 17 year old young lady who has liver failure and is very passionate about dancing. Her dream was to learn to do Ballroom and Latin American dancing. Sarene’s Dance Studio kindly assisted us in making this dream come true by giving Nemesia the opportunity to have professional dancing lessons as well as having her perform in their year-end function. Nemesia loved each and every dancing lesson she attended and was a complete natural. On the day of the year-end performance, Nemeisa and her family arrived to their very own pre-show party, with cooldrinks, snacks and a team of professionals to transform this already beautiful lady into a dancing queen. Nemeisa was thrilled and could not believe this was all for her. After a lovely day of pampering, Namesia received her final surprise, a beautiful red dancing gown with matching dancing shoes. The look on her face when she opened her dream items was absolutely priceless. Nemesia was welcomed to the dance school with a huge round of applause and she was gleaming with joy! Her performance was phenomenal and she received a standing ovation.

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Date : 14 Aug 2017

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