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Megan Hulme (17)

Dream: To swim with dolphins

Megan is a vivacious teen with Cystic Fibrosis. Megan’s dream was to swim with dolphins and Reach for a Dream made this possible by flying Megan to Mauritius. Megan wrote a letter to Reach for a Dream describing her magical experience.

“My mom and I want to thank you so much for making my dream a reality. The Dolphin Dive was beyond amazing, words cannot describe the experience.”

In addition to the dream experience, Megan’s stay at the beautiful hotel in Mauritius was magical and she did many other activities on her trip, she went parasailing and together with her mom did an underwater walk where she got to feed the fish and experience life under the sea.  She also visited a Hindu temple where she received a blessing to help her through her illness.

In Megan’s words “Overall the experience was incredible and my mom and I are very grateful for the experience, and it is an adventure we will never forget!”

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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