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Klaas Prinsloo (18)

Dream: To meet Lewis Hamilton

Klaas has an advanced stage of Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that develops in the bones, cartilage or nerves. His biggest dream was to meet his F1 racing hero, Lewis Hamilton. Reach for a Dream was determined to fulfill this dream and arranged all the necessary logistics including, visas, flights, and hotel reservations to make this dream a reality.

Klaas left for the UK on the 13th of July for an unforgettable experience.  Lewis Hamilton went above and beyond a simple meet and greet with Klaas and he spent time getting to know Klaas while showing him around the Mercedes garage. He then invited Klaas to watch the qualifiers from the Mercedes garage, where Klaas got to hang out with Hamilton’s brother and the rest of the team.

The British Grand Prix was held at Silverstone and Hamilton had a fabulous race. Klaas witnessed Hamilton win the British Grand Prix for the fifth time and in a moving press conference after the race, Hamilton dedicated his win to the courageous Klaas Prinsloo.

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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