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Karabo designs her dream!

Karabo is a talented young girl who loves fashion! Her dream is to be a fashion designer and she fell in love with the dresses from the hand of Gert-Johan Coetzee, a creative designer who is internationally renowned for his work with local celebrities and pageant queens.

How this special dream took place:

We picked Karabo up at the hospital and she still had no idea what was waiting for her, but she was so beautifully dressed that it was clear she knew it was going to be fashion related!

We made our way to the studios of Gert-Johan Coetzee and Karabo could not believe her eyes when she saw where we were. She was going to meet her hero! The dream started with a tour of his studio, including the very elusive “closet” where dresses were displayed that various celebrities and TV stars had worn before. We went on a tour of the pattern making area, the sewing section as well as meeting all the assistant designers, bead artists and seamstresses. Karabo was lost in a world of fashion, design and creative flair and just when she thought it was over, Gert-Johan broke the news that he is going to design her a special outfit! They excitedly went off to his famous designing chair and threw around a few ideas until they had the perfect outfit in mind. It was going to be a fairy skirt with a beautiful pink top and Karabo had the drawings to prove it – signed and sealed by the GJ Couture sticker!

Karabo was thrilled, BUT there was more… the whole team came together and surprised her by starting to make the outfit as well – what an incredible experience! She had the opportunity to see them sew the skirt and top from start to finish and even had a hand in the whole process; arranging material, cutting string, making a scarf and having a fitting or two. The day culminated in a mini fashion shoot with her brand new outfit before we head to her favourite restaurant for a late lunch. Karabo had no idea that Reach For A Dream still had something more up their sleeve and she gave a gasp of disbelief as I gave her a brand new Blackberry (which was her second dream) She quickly opened it and hugged it tight! At the end of it all, Karabo asked me if she was allowed to keep it and it was with a very full heart (and eyes) that I could send her home with her GJ Couture outfit and a blackberry to tell the world!

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Date : 14 Aug 2017

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