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Karabo ‘KB’ Lesupi (18)

Dream: To meet Fifi Cooper

Karabo is a high school student who wanted to be a policewoman. In November 2016, she was admitted to hospital with Multi-Drug Resistant TB. Karabo spent five days a week in hospital over a year and was finally discharged in January 2017.

Reach for a Dream contacted Karabo in 2017 to make her dream come true and discovered that Karabo had a passion for music and in particular Fifi Cooper who she wanted to spend a day with. Karabo had a very clear idea of how her day with Fifi Cooper would unfold; starting with Fifi picking her up in a RFAD vehicle and ending with a lunch.

Karabo and her sister met the dream makers team at the office before heading to Mall of Africa to choose a hat and T-shirt for Fifi to sign. They then headed for Casa Bella where Fifi surprised Karabo.

The Reach for a Dream dream-makers team described the afternoon as magical. “The look of disbelief on Karabo’s face when Fifi arrived was priceless. Karabo couldn’t stop smiling, and Fifi was immensely humble about being there to grant Karabo her wish. Fifi signed the shirt as well as the hat for Karabo, with typical Fifi flair. Karabo was speechless for a great majority of the afternoon, she happily posed when having her photo taken. At the end of the afternoon, Karabo wore her newly signed hat with the smile never leaving her face.”

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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