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Barbie filled dream day

Iviwe’s dream of playing Barbie with a real-life Barbie came true when Miss Teen SA 2017, Chace Collett, spent the day helping Iviwe dress up and play Barbie.

As 5 year old Iviwe drank tea and ate cake, she couldn’t help feel beautiful, just like Barbie. Iviwe, who has Cardiomyopathy, loved her doll house and all the Barbie dolls she took home with her at the end of the dream. This little girl had so much fun that even her Granny had to join her and her Barbie dolls for tea. Thank you to the Charles Glass Society and Blue Lagoon hotel for sponsoring and believing in the power of dreams to help make this dream come true.

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Date : 14 Aug 2017

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