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Indiphile Majacimani (5)

Indiphile is 5-years-old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Her dream was to have a rocking horse. To make Indiphile’s day extra special, she was taken to the local equestrian riding school where she could see and feed real horses. Reach for a Dream met Indiphile and her mom at Frere hospital and despite the rainy weather Indiphile was very excited and, armed with her apples and carrots for feeding the horses, they set off for the equestrian school.

On arrival at the stables, Indiphile was taken to the horses, she was brimming with excitement as the horses came into view. Indiphile was a bit frightened by the large animals and preferred to interact with the smaller horses first. Soon she forgot her nerves and was having an amazing time going from stall to stall to see each horse, leaving a carrot or apple as a treat for each one. Indiphile‘s dream rocking horse was waiting for her at the end of the stable.

“Indiphile was so happy to have a horse of her very own. She played on it happily and for once, she did not have to worry about doctors or procedures, she could just be a little girl in love with a little pony.”

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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