• endinako

Endinako Jack (8)

Dream: To have her own laptop

Endinako is a bubbly and talkative young lady with a beautiful smile, dreamed of having her very own laptop. Reach for a Dream decided to make Endinako’s dream come true by planning her dream day.

Endinako’s dream day started off at the Boardwalk were she played a variety of games and had ice cream. Reach for a Dream then surprised Endinako with a backpack and Endinako immediately found a place to sit where she could open the bag. She screamed with excitement when she saw the laptop and she took it out and went through most of the programmes saying “thank you” over and over.

The main thing on her mind was what she was going to do on her laptop when she got home. When Endinako got home she ran into the house to share her dream with her father.

“The laptop has made us discover things that we didn’t know. Thank you Reach For A Dream for giving Endinako hope.”

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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