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Bianca’s story

By Bianca’s mom, Wendy Muller

Bianca was diagnosed with a rhabdomyosarcoma in the right orbit when she was 8 years old. She relapsed a total of 4 times.

During one of her many chemo treatments at the JHB hospital, Margaret Rushworth from Reach for a Dream came to see her. Bianca was about 9 then. Margaret gave her a form on which to list Dreams that she wished for. First on the list was to ride a horse then meet Tom Cruise and Micky Mouse. I can’t remember the other things which she listed.

In June of 1991 Bianca’s dream to ride a horse came true. She was over the moon! After that, in between treatments and only if she was feeling okay, I would take her to the stables. Aunty May would give Bianca a lesson and then take her to feed the horses.

A few months later Margaret came to the house for tea and brought Bianca a pic of Tom, on which he had written a message to her. We framed it and up it went where she could see it. She was crazy about him after having seen the movie Cocktail

About a year later Margaret phoned to say that Bianca was going to meet Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, Orlando! In August of 1992 my husband & I, together with Bianca’s brothers Daniel & Jonathan, left for the USA. We happily paid towards flights so that the boys could go along too. It was really very, very special for Bianca to be able to share that magical week with her siblings.

In Orlando we stayed at Kids World in Kissimmee, which in itself was such a treat. On our first morning there, as we were having breakfast, our family was asked to move to the front of the dining hall and tell everyone where we were from. The next thing the main door opened and in walked Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Pluto and the Chipmunks WOW! Bianca’s face lit up, her smile was wider than ear to ear and she was just totally lost for words, like the rest of us.

We crammed a lot into that week, visiting Epcot Centre, MGM, Universal Studios, Sea World and Magic Kingdom.

Bianca was in a wheelchair and her brothers did most of the pushing. At every place we visited we received five star treatment, as the most unbelievable facilities were provided for anyone needing help. No queuing, free refreshments, pics taken with Characters and very often gifts for all the kids.

We were all blown away by this whole experience and have such wonderful memories.
The kids could not stop talking about the trip, as it was the first time since Bianca had been diagnosed that we had been away together. It was a special time for her, if only for a while to be able to forget her illness.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Reach for a Dream.

Bianca passed away on Christmas morning 1993, at 12 years 3 months & 23 days of age.
It was a privilege to have been her mother, as she taught me and many others many life lessons.

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Date : 13 Feb 2018

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