• akhona

Akhona Ndlovu (12)

Dream: Play Station

Akhona is a vibrant 12-year-old with Nephrotic Syndrome. He is mad about soccer and dreamt of owning a Play Station. Reach for a Dream wanted to make Akona’s dream day extra special with a visit to the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Akhona enjoyed everything about the tour, he got to explore the state-of-the-art change rooms where the sporting teams regroup and he also had the opportunity to walk through the tunnel onto the pitch and imagine thousands of fans cheering him on. Akhona also got to visit the VIP presidential suites in the stadium.

After the stadium tour, Akhona had lunch at a steakhouse where he was presented with his gift. He was very excited and eagerly ripped off the wrapping paper to uncover his Playstation 3. Reach for a Dream also made sure to include games, one of which was a soccer game.

“I don’t have the words to explain, but it was so great to see how happy he was.”

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Date : 22 Sep 2017

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