Vukile Property Fund and Reach For A Dream Create Healing Haven for Young Cancer Patients
Johannesburg, South Africa – 7 July 2023: Vukile Property Fund and The Reach For A Dream Foundation have unveiled the Darren Serebro Dream Room at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Johannesburg, bringing hope and healing to teenagers fighting cancer.
Equipped with a range of books, games, toys and electronic devices including a PlayStation 4 and computer games, the Dream Room provides an inviting respite from the sterile and impersonal hospital ward.
“Reach For A Dream understands that hospital visits can be stressful and overwhelming for children and families, especially when they are facing serious health challenges,” says Mervyn Serebro, Chairman of the Reach For A Dream Foundation. “This Dream Room is dedicated to my son Darren, who we’ve sadly lost to cancer. It has been carefully designed to be an oasis, where we can inspire hope and enrich the lives of these youngsters. We hope it will have a positive impact on their overall well-being and recovery.”
The Darren Serebro room is the fifth Dream Room to be launched at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital. According to Professor Gita Naidu, Clinical Head: Paediatric Oncology, the effect that these rooms have on sick children, most of whom come from impoverished areas located far away from Johannesburg, is “indescribable”.
Mervyn Serebro, Chairman of the Reach For A Dream Foundation (left) and Laurence Rapp, CEO of Vukile Property Fund (right)
Darren Serebro Dream Room at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Johannesburg
Many of our teenagers in the Oncology ward feel isolated and alone. This Dream Room is equipped with all sorts of gadgets that will provide them with an escape and a place where they can socialise with their friends and family, adding some normalcy to their daily lives,” says Professor Naidu.
The Dream Room was made possible through a generous donation from Vukile Property Fund, which contributed funds to help design, construct, and equip the space.  
“Our aim at Vukile Property Fund is to build communities and create value. Our long-standing relationship with Reach For A Dream has allowed us to make a difference in the lives of children facing immense health challenges,” says Laurence Rapp, CEO of Vukile Property Fund. “This is our second Dream Room which we’ve funded. Our hope is that it will not only brighten their hospital stay but also give them a sense of comfort and strength.”
With its whimsical decor and soothing ambiance, the Dream Room has its own unique design for children to immerse themselves in imagination and play.
“This has been a passion project for everyone at Trend,” says Candice Bucker from Trend Group, the design and project implementation company. “The room speaks to reaching for the sky, and we played on this theme. The Darren Serebro room is split with a cloud arch that plays to the blue sky, enhancing the natural light in the computer nook, and a starry night in the PlayStation section.”
A resident Psychology graduate will also run a variety of fun and educational activities, ensuring that these teenagers’ developmental milestones are met.